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San Marzano Plum Tomatoes – 6 x 2.55kg


Introducing our San Marzano Plum Tomatoes, available in 6 x 2.55kg tins, a treasure of Italian cuisine revered globally. These D.O.P. certified tomatoes are cultivated in the fertile, sun-drenched volcanic soil around Mount Vesuvius, an area renowned for producing some of the finest tomatoes in the world.

Distinguished Italian Heritage:

  • D.O.P. Certified: A mark of authenticity and quality.
  • Unique Growing Region: Thriving in the volcanic soil of Mount Vesuvius, known for producing exceptional tomatoes.

Culinary Superiority:

  • Distinct Flavour Profile: Noted for their stronger, sweeter flavour.
  • Ideal Texture and Appearance: Firm pulp, uniform red colour, low seed count, and easily removable skin.

Versatile Kitchen Staple:

  • Perfect for Italian Dishes: Ideal as a base for pizza or pasta sauce.
  • Serving Suggestion: Simply heat and serve on toasted ciabatta bread for a delicious treat.

Packaging Details:

  • Quantity: 6 x 2.55kg
  • Packaging: Tinned to preserve freshness and flavour.

A Symphony of Flavours: Our San Marzano Plum Tomatoes are not just an ingredient; they are an essential element of authentic Italian cooking. Whether crafting a traditional Neapolitan pizza, a rich pasta sauce, or a simple, elegant bruschetta, these tomatoes bring a touch of Italian tradition and quality to every dish.

Experience the true essence of Italian flavour with our San Marzano Plum Tomatoes – a culinary jewel for chefs and food enthusiasts alike.

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San Marzano Tomatoes, San Marzano Tomato Juice