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Capers in Vinegar – 9kg


Embark on a flavourful journey with our Capers in Vinegar, presented in a generous 9kg re-sealable plastic tub. These capers, known for their distinctively tangy and slightly salty taste, are an extremely versatile ingredient, ideal for elevating a variety of dishes. Whether tossed into pasta, sprinkled over salads, or added as a zesty pizza topping, our capers in vinegar are sure to enhance your meals with their unique character.

Culinary Flexibility:

  • Perfect for Pasta: Adds a punch of flavour to traditional and modern pasta dishes.
  • Salad and Pizza Enhancer: Brings a tangy twist to salads and a zesty accent to pizzas.

Quality and Convenience:

  • Packed in Vinegar: Preserves the capers’ freshness and enhances their flavour.
  • Large, Resealable Tub: Ensures ease of use and long-lasting freshness, ideal for both home cooks and professional chefs.

A Must-Have Ingredient: Our Capers in Vinegar are not just an addition to your pantry; they are a key ingredient for culinary creativity. Their distinctive taste complements a wide range of recipes, offering an effortless way to introduce complexity and depth to your dishes.

Experience the vibrant and versatile taste of our Capers in Vinegar – a simple yet impactful touch to any meal.

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Weight 9 kg

Capers, salt, water, vinegar