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Pitted Black Taggiasca Olives – 7kg


Indulge in the unique taste of our Pitted Black Taggiasca Olives, a true gem from the Western Liguria region of North West Italy. Offered in a generous 7kg resealable plastic tub, these olives are renowned for their similarity to the famed Kalamata variety, yet distinguished by their smaller size and distinct flavour profile. Cultivated exclusively in the area around the town of Taggia, these olives embody the essence of their unique terroir.

Distinctive Features:

  • Unique Variety: Resembling Kalamata olives but smaller and with a distinct Ligurian character.
  • Exclusive Origin: Grown only in the Western side of Liguria, Italy.

Packaging Excellence:

  • Quantity: 7kg in total, with a drained weight of 4kg.
  • Resealable Tub: Ensures freshness and convenience for both home and professional use.

A Culinary Staple: Our Pitted Black Taggiasca Olives are not merely an ingredient; they are a culinary highlight. Whether added to salads, pasta dishes, or served as a sophisticated antipasti, they bring a touch of Italian elegance to any meal. Their rich flavour and tender texture make them a favourite among chefs and gourmands alike.

Experience the authentic taste of Italy with our exquisite Black Taggiasca Olives – a true representation of Ligurian culinary heritage.

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Weight 7 kg

Olives, Water, Salt, Ferrous gluconate