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Ditali Rigati Pasta – 3 x 5kg


Experience the charm and versatility of our Ditali Rigati Pasta, a true culinary all-rounder. Packaged in a convenient 3 x 5kg case, this pasta is the perfect ingredient for a myriad of dishes, be it a refreshing summer salad or a hearty winter warmer like the classic Pasta e Fagioli.

Ideal for Every Dish:

  • Perfect Texture: Designed to complement both cold and hot dishes.
  • Seasonal Versatility: Great for summer salads and comforting winter meals.

Packaging Details:

  • Quantity: 3 x 5kg
  • Packaging: Securely packed in a case, ensuring quality and convenience.

Culinary Flexibility: Our Ditali Rigati Pasta is a staple in any kitchen, adaptable to a wide range of recipes. Its size and shape make it particularly suitable for dishes where it can absorb flavors from broths, dressings, and sauces, enhancing every bite with its delightful texture.

Embrace the simplicity and versatility of our Ditali Rigati Pasta, and let your culinary imagination run wild!


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Durum wheat semolina, water


Cereals containing gluten and products thereof